Was born  November 11, 1960 , raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.​​
 He is of Scottish and Cree descent.
 He has appeared in  motion pictures,  television series and  supplies voices for animated series,  narrations, and commercials..




 Having been involved with CBC radio dramas and comedies for over 20 years,he has also been the  signature voice for the NHL Awards,  Canada Walk of  Fame and  the Voice for Shaw Media-ShowCase Action and History Television.   He also has been heard on National Geographic.
He received a "Best Supporting Actor" award from First Americans' in the Arts for his portrayal of Russel Means in "Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee"


He is a  staunch supporter of Children's Rights supporting ECPAT and Beyond Borders Canada.
 As a Poet, Lyricist, Singer and Composer he has performed in many diverse venues from  L.A and South Africa to South Dakota and Moncton, New Brunswick.
He frequently performed live in various venues in his native Toronto  and has a 5 song ep that can be found online>Simple Damned Device< (2010-2018)




                                                               Fun Facts

  * Lawrence started his career appearing in a Pink Floyd video ( Learning to Fly)

which was their first video to be aired and won multiple awards around the world.
It has been released on the "Pulse" dvd.
  * Lawrence was a last minute replacement for​ August Schellenberg on a LIVE radio drama
(Booster McCrane) recommended by August himself , knowing Lawrence was capable of an uncanny impersonation.
* He was also hand-picked by Gene Simmons to voice the role of "RockZilla" 
in "My Dad the RockStar", a cartoon Gene created and executive produced for Nickelodeon now seen all over the world.​ Lawrence demanded to also do the singing for the character and after hearing Lawrence sing a demo, Gene enthusiastically agreed.


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