Vocal Velocity with LFB-Voice Demos & Coaching



Need a hand with an accent or an attitude? Pitch and timbre?
vernacular and verve? let's see what ya got, and make it SNAP!
I'll work with you on auditions and roles you're already commited to.




Make a professional demo without the frilly fees...
...with a 25+yrs Pro

Essential, financially friendly and practical for breaking into the V/O market


$300 (no sales tax!)

This gives you  1hr ~Consultation/Coaching prior to your scheduled studio date/time

                   *one on one coaching in  the studio 

                   (downtown Toronto Studio)  with Lawrence

 You come prepared with copy,voice warmed up and ready to go

 Your voice over demo completed with incidental music will be sent to you via email in  mp3 format within a few days or less


                       *Cash Payment only-Receipt available upon request*


                                          Email transfers accepted too.




participating financial institutions:

CIBC,Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank of Canada,President’s Choice Financial


To make a studio date:

                                           lawrencifer(at) msn.com



Q: I want to know if I have what it takes to do voice overs.

A: I will not know over the phone or through email.You have had your voice all your life.Only you know if you have what it takes or not.Meet for a coaching session with a variety of prepared copy and take it from there.


Q:I believe I am ready to make a demo reel. How can I prepare myself for the studio session?

A: Bring a range of copy ( Dramatic,Corporate,Comedic) Do not write it yourself unless you are a Professional writer. KNOW the copy.Memorization is NOT important but you MUST be able to pull it off the page.Practice, practice, practice cold reading.


Q:What is a COLD READ?

A:It is the ability, the skill to voice the script without sounding like you are reading  from the script. It is THE essential skill in voice over work.


Q: Can you/Will you send/refer my reel to talent/casting agents?

A:You will find a reputable list of of agencies at ActraToronto.com


Q: What does the `F` stand for In LFB?

A: If you know,you know:)


Have more questions? email Lawrencifer (at) msn.com


"Lawrence Bayne: two words that, to me, conjure up a clear image of a proud, totally professional individual, stocked to the brim with a moody defiance of all things typical - of all things safe - of all things ordinary.

Lawrence Bayne's voice is both intimate and resounding. His innate grasp of tonality, mood and intent, coupled with an intricately multilayered verbal technique is the result of many years, smack in front of a  recording mic or a rapt audience. Whatever the client request, Lawrence's responses are always cogent and on point. I highly recommend Lawrence Bayne as an actor, voice talent, raconteur, host, moderator, cheerleader, gladiator and DICTATOR!"



                                                          - Gerry Mosby, Composer/Director, Vapor Music Inc. Toronto/Chicago/Vancouver



"Lawrence Bayne is several talents in one ~ a man who can give a script three completely different treatments and leave you wondering which direction to take because they're all so usable. He's a pleasure to work with."



                                                          - Kas Dunn, Post Audio Engineer - Shaw Media 

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