"Lawrence Bayne is several talents in one - a man who can give a script three completely different treatments and leave you wondering which direction to take because they're all so usable. He's a pleasure to work with."


- Kas Dunn,Post Audio Engineer-Shaw Media 


" I can say with the full confidence of a middle aged man with fading memory that Lawrence Bayne is a  dynamic, skilled and extremely versatile actor (with great pipes).

I have had the great misfortune to work with Bayne across a variety of platforms ( cartoons, live action series, network voice and commercials) for over 15 years ( might be more as I said I'm getting old!) In every occasion he has brought his wit, charm and 'A game' "

 I fully endorse him for president of the universe 

(now where is my 15%?)


-David A Stinson,Supervising Post Audio Designer-Shaw Media


 " Lawrence Bayne: two words that, to me, conjure up  a clear image of  a proud,totally professional individual,stocked to the brim with a moody defiance of all things typical-of all things safe-of all things ordinary.

Lawrence Bayne's voice is both intimate and resounding.His innate grasp of tonality,mood and intent, coupled with an intricately multilayered verbal technique is the result of many years,smack in front of a recording mic or a rapt audience.

Whatever the client request,Lawrence's responses are always cogent and on point. I highly recommend Lawrence as an actor,voice talent,raconteur,host,moderator, gladiator and DICTATOR"


-Gerry Mosby, Composer/Director, Vapor Music Inc


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